In alphabetical order and please keep checking for updates. For all enquiries, including if you wish to be included as a speaker please contact us at: [email protected].

Mark Babister – WMAwater

  • Practicalities and learnings from 2 years of ARR 
  • Q and A Panel Session
  • National Testing Model and Big Data

Professor James Ball – UTS

Some reflections on the current updates to ARR, and a plan for the future.

Dr Brendan Berghout – Hunter Water

  • Integrating drought risk and drought planning

Rebecca Carlier

  • A mentor for success

Peter Coombes – Urban Water Cycle Solutions

  • Bottom up systems analysis highlights the illusion of averages and economic opportunities for development of government policy for water resources

Andrew Frost – Bureau of Meteorology

Andrew Graddon

  • Perth IWSS modelling

Anthony Kiem

  • Next generation stochastic data for water resource planning

Martin Lambert

  • Applying an MCMC approach to pipe condition assessment

Michael Leonard – University of Adelaide

  • ARR design inputs – what will the future look like 

Natalie Lockart

  • Integrating drought risk and drought planning

Mahes Maheswaran – WaterNSW

  • Urban water planning methods: step change or trend

Hodasadat (Hoda) Maki

  • A mentor for success

Rory Nathan – University of Melbourne

  • Practicalities and learnings from 2 years of ARR 
  • Q and A Session
  • The Future: Extremes

Paul Raper

  • The quest for more powerful validation of conceptual catchment models

Ben Renard

  • National testing model and big data¬†

Bruce Rhodes – Melbourne Water

  • Genesis of George’s headworks modelling work

Jose Rodriguez

  • Optimisation and Environmental Modelling

Ashish Sharma – University of NSW

  • Urban Catchments

Mark Thyer

  • Hydrological model development and parameter fitting

Bill Weeks

  • Practicalities and learnings from 2 years of ARR
  • Q and A Session

Chenchap Xu

  • Perth IWSS modelling

Lanying Zhang

  • Exploiting Pacific Decadal Variability Information in Urban Water Supply Planning and Operation