On 12-13 June 2019 we will be holding a symposium marking George’s formal retirement from The University of Newcastle and the start of George’s post-university career and lifestyle. This will be a symposium open to all George’s friends and professional colleagues to celebrate the myriad of contributions George has made to hydrology research and professional practice throughout his career, and to look forward to the future in these areas by identifying Grand Challenges in research, practice, and how to link the two.

This will be the technical (and social) event in hydrology in the Asia Pacific this year and places are limited.

Invited Speakers

In alphabetical order:

  • Mark Babister
  • James Ball
  • Brendan Berghout
  • Anthony Kiem
  • Martin Lambert
  • Michael Leonard
  • Natalie Lockart
  • Rory Nathan
  • Ashish Sharma
  • Mark Thyer
  • Bruce Rhodes
  • Bill Weeks

And, of course, George himself.  With, perhaps, a few more to add – this is a work in progress.

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